Chamba In Tehri Garhwal


Every summer tourists flock to Mussoorie in great numbers to spend their weekends and enjoy the pleasant climate of the hills. One of the places hidden from the regular tourists is the quiet and the magnificent Chamba. Chamba lies in Tehri District and is located very close to the picturesque Tehri Dam.

With people flocking to Mussoorie and not considering Chamba on their travel itinerary, the natural beauty of the glorious Chamba valley remains as clean and beatific as ever.

Chamba is at a comfortable height of five thousand feet above sea level and is a part of the Tehri Garhwal District of Uttarakhand. People who have known Chamba for the exquisite beauty that it possesses and the freshness the air carries.

The internet and the media have been propagating the beauty erstwhile hidden in the folds of the Chamba valley and therefore the place has gradually been inviting people. Chamba is strategically located so that the tourists can have an unabated view of the Himalayas in full glory.

It is said that Chamba was long under the custody of the Gorkhas and was later won over by the Garhwali Rulers.

With the unhindered beauty of the place notwithstanding, Chamba is easily accessible by road from Rishikesh and from Mussoorie.

With the Bhagirathi, flowing along the town of Chamba at its graceful best and the unspoiled landscape provided by the pine and Deodar trees, this seems to be the one place where heaven meets earth.

Meant for people who long for loneliness and for oneness with nature, the place of Chamba seems to inspire a newfound love for Mother Nature.

Owing to the steady demand among people who are keen on visiting this place, the place is well connected with Delhi via the bus routes. Chamba is also accessible by road if the road from Roorkee to Mussoorie is taken. Chamba is also well connected by road with Rishikesh that is at a distance of less than 60 kms.

For the air travelers, the nearest airport is the Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun. This lies at a distance of a trifle more than 120 kms from where taxis and private cars to Chamba are easily available.

For the train traveler though, the nearest station is Rishikesh. The road journey from Rishikesh to Chamba is quite comfortable and there are a good number of buses connecting the two places.

Do not just stand there! Pack your bags to head for Chamba today though you may need a few woolens!