Devprayag is the holy place of the Hindus that lies at the confluence of the Bhagirathi and the Alaknanda rivers. Surprisingly, this holy city is formed at the sangam of these rivers is at a lower altitude than the other places in Uttarakhand. Devprayag is one of those sacred places in the country that is teeming with natural beauty.

This is believed to be the very venue where the Great King Dasharat and Lord Rama performed penance for the benefit of the people. Therefore, the followers of Lord Rama have established the Raghunathji Temple

People from all over the world congregate at this magnificent temple to pay their obeisance to Lord Rama, the slayer of evil. The sanctum sanctorum of the Raghunath Temple plays host to a large idol of the Deity etched in black granite. The exact date of the construction of the temple is not known and it is believed to be one among the ancient temples in the country.

Owing to the period of construction, the temple has been built with stones without making use of cement, since it did not exist at that time. The temple is mounted on a platform and the base of the structure is has the two springs or Kunds. This is primarily owing to the two rivers that flow through the town. Therefore, devotees who visit the shrine take bath at either the Brahma Kund formed from the waters of Bhagirathi or the Vashisht Kund formed out of the Alaknanda. Further, there are several springs and ponds such as the Baital Kund, Surya Kund, Indradyunma Tirth, Varah Tirth, Pushyamal Tirth, Baitalshila, Pushpavatika and Varahishila. The Baithalshila spring is believed to cure a person affected by leprosy.

Devprayag or DeoPrayag is named so since it is believed that a sage by the name of Dev Sharma who performed the penance was blessed with the sight of God.

The original temple building suffered significant damage during an earthquake in 1803 and was restored by a nobleman called Daulat Rao Sindhia.

The nearest city to Devprayag is Rishikesh, which is at a distance of seventy kilometers. People travelling by train may disembark at either Rishikesh or even Kotdwar. It is also possible for people to travelling by road to reach Devprayag via Hardwar and Rishikesh.

For air travelers, it is best to book a ticket to the Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun since it is the nearest air link.