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Music is one of the best languages in order to propagate the different forms of art, culture and tradition of any given place. The music of the land works to define the beauty of the place from where it has originated. The music and folklore indigenous to any place works to define the way of the people to the rest of the world.

The very best of music and musician are essential to explain the beauty of the land that has been unexplored by the listener. Garhwali music is among the most sonorous and truly melodious as the natural habitat of the valley from where it has come about. The soft voices, music and video albums form the perfect symphony to proliferate the true tradition of culture that has always the essence of the Garhwal.

Legends of Uttarakhandi Music

  • Shri Narendra Singh Negi – Voice of Uttarakhand.
  • Shri Gopal Babu Goswami – Legend of Kumaon for his melodious voice.

Anyone from Garhwal or has spent some time in the hills of Garhwal travels back through time to the wonderful times in the pristine hills. Garhwali songs have the captivating ability to divert the attention of any troubled mind and make them absorb the wondrous music emanating from any source whatsoever.

The theme of the Garhwali songs is primarily simple. Like the genteel and the uncomplicated folk of the people of the area, the songs form a narrative of an ancient folklore, the story of the Gods and the various rituals. The daily routine of the Garhwali way of life and the pining of the women folk have all showcased in the melodious lyrics of the folk songs.

It is evident that the Garhwali loves his music. It is therefore that in all the ceremonial functions, marriages and other public gatherings in Garhwal, one can hear some of the best Garhwali voices playing through the loud speakers and the CD players.

This is in sharp contrast to the plains below where the rustic folklore has long been forgotten to make way for raunchy and loquacious songs from Bollywood.

Uttaranchal and Garhwal have always been held in high esteem owing to the holy places of Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri and Yamunotri. The language propagated through the Garhwali songs have therefore been bestowed as the voices of God.

Names such as Narendra Singh Negi epitomized for his rendition ‘Thando Re Thando Re’. Gajendra Rana, Meena Rana and several others have been etched deep into the hearts of the people of Garhwal. Narendra Singh Negiji as he is popularly known in the vales of Garhwal has been among those responsible for the reflection of the sentiment of Garhwal on the Indian Diaspora.

One of the prime reasons that have driven the popularity of the Garhwali songs is the youth of Garhwal. Not yielding to the lure and fancy of the songs belted at the Hindi heartlands, the Garhwali youth have stuck to the long held tradition of the Garhwali songs and therefore been in forefront in propagating the music that is the true reflection of their sentiments and tradition.