Garhwali Songs by Gajendra Rana


Love for music and the fine arts are things that gradually become second nature to a person of talent. A person who has these innate skills does not require the Government to provide him support and a platform to excel. A person who is truly gifted gets easy recognition from the people and very soon hogs the limelight. Such is the talent of Gajendra Rana, who despite staying in Delhi for more than two decades, presently ranks among the shining stars of Garhwal.

Gajendra Rana was born in the year 1980 in the village Gend in the Chamba province of Tehri District. He migrated to Delhi and stayed there for more than two decades. He began his career in singing in the year 1997 when he was a mere seventeen years. He came to recognition when he was twenty years old, in the year 2000 when he made a notable contribution with a song titled ‘leela gashyari’

People were awed by the melodious voice and opulent tone of Gajendra Rana.A new talent from the hills of Uttarakhand was in the reckoning. It was not long before the sonorous voice of Gajendra Rana managed to strike a chord with the youth of Uttaranchal.With songs like ‘maalu’,the young and old of Tehri saw that one of their own had risen up the ranks as a great singer.

Maalu was followed by albums like Rani Gorkhani, Pushpa Chori and several others. This enabled him to jump up the ranks and gain fame and recognition. He soon established himself among the top singers of Garhwali music.

Gajendra Rana spent much of his younger days in Delhi and even completed his graduation from Aurobindo College. Following a successful musical career in Garhwali music, he shifted base to Uttarakhand and is presently settled in Dehradun. He is married and is blessed with a beautiful daughter.

He is one of the many singers who have managed to survive and excel in a career that has never received the support of the state Government. An icon for the youth of Uttaranchal, Gajendra’s music albums and videos always maintain the flavor of Uttaranchal folk. At times when there is rapid transformation in the language and attire of people, the efforts of Rana are truly commendable.

He has been felicitated by the state Government of Uttaranchal and several other organizations for his contribution to music.