Lansdowne is a beautiful hill station located in district of Pauri Garhwal. This hill station was inhabited by the British in 1887 and was named after Lord Lansdowne. If you always have a though in your mind like how would a heaven look like then you must visit this hill station. One thing that you must not miss in Lansdowne is the sunset; it would be your grand experience for the rest of your life.

The very first thing that you will come across after entering Lansdowne on the Kotdwar-Pauri road is the Garhwal Rifles Cantonment. The command office of the Indian Army is located here. This Cantonment ensures strict observance of all laws and order.

Things to See and Do in Lansdowne

Lansdowne is very small hill station that is spread across a little over 6 Km, you can roam around it all in a day. Tourist comes here for peace and to spend their weekend in a peaceful environment that is free from chaos of cities.

Bhulla Lake

This lake is very small and shallow and serves two purposes, one is attracting tourists and other is harvesting rain water. You can spend a good time boating in the lake. Bhulla is a Garhwali word which means younger brother and that truly reflects the warmth of the people of this place.

Brief Details
  • Location: Near Army School
  • Boating Time: 9am-noon, 3-6pm
Darwan Singh Sangrahalaya

This is the only museum where you will find the memorable things from the wars the Garhwal Rifles have fought. Here you will see the earliest Pakistani currency notes and uniforms they used to wear at that time. You will really feel proud that you came here.

Brief Details
  • Location: Near State Bank of India
  • Timing: 9am-Noon, 3-6pm
Shiv Kaleshwar Mandir

This is one of the ancient temples located in Lansdowne named after Kalash Rishi. This is one of the most important divine pilgrimages maintained by the army. You should visit this temple along with your family.

Brief Details
  • Location: Near Army Durga Temple
  • Boating Time: 7-11 am, 3-6 pm
Bhim Pakora

You must be thinking that it has something to do with Bhim from great epic Mahabharata, yes you are right!

Here you will see two stones placed one above the other, these two stones are placed in this manner by Bhim when Pandavas were in agyaatvaas (exile period). The most interesting thing about these two stones is the perfect balance. You can move the top stone by single finger or by using both hands and it will move but it will never fell down.

Brief Details
  • How To Reach: Located just 2km from Lansdowne and ahead of the kaleshware Mandir.
Tiffin Top (Tip and Top)

You haven’t seen such a remarkable sunset in your entire life. If you are in Lansdowne then you must not miss this opportunity. Here you will see an amazing view of the snow-clad peaks of Chaukhamba and Trishul. Tiffin Top is one of the best places to trek.

Brief Details
  • Location: Near Supply Depot
St Mary’s and St John’s Church

These two churches are located at Tiffin Top. St Mary’s church is rather small but you will get thrilled after roaming around a bit. This church is no longer functional but still it looks great and all credit goes to Garhwal Rifles for maintaining it. You will not see any preaching in the church as it has been stopped before Independence of India. This church has been partially turned into a reading room.

St John is the only running church in Lansdowne. You will see people offering prayers in the church on daily basis. Beautiful interiors and calm environment makes it a must see place.

Centenary Gate (Shatabdi Dwar)

This Giant gate is built in remembrance of the founding of Garhwal Rifles. This Gate lists all the wars fought by Garhwal Rifles. Civilians aren’t allowed to enter the gate. Just a meter ahead you will find SBI ATM, Cyber Café and above all a liquor shop.

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Best Hotels to Stay

  • Hotel Anand Retreat
  • Hotel Mayur – A good option if you are a food lover. Their Breakfast is great.
  • Fairy Dale Hotel
  • Salpine Jungle Camp – Located 15km outside Lansdowne