Garhwali Songs by Narendra Singh Negi


It is said that the number of songs sung by a singer cannot be quantized as a measure of the depth and quality in his voice. What truly matters is the rendition of every song that transcends upon every soul and transports them into an ethereal zone of folklore and music.

Garhwali songs have always had that charming effect to transport people to the succor of the hills. These songs have been the driving force between the soldiers guarding the Indian frontiers at the borders and their pretty beloveds awaiting their arrival by the next transport. These have been the very carriers of the long held tradition of the pristine hills of Garhwal.

One of the prominent voices of Garhwali music is Narendra Singh Negi, the uncrowned monarch among Garhwali folk singers. The popularity of the one of the greatest singers of Garhwal is not limited to the Tehri Region. His songs can be heard on nearly all the vehicles belonging to the state of Uttarakhand.

The reason for the popularity of Narendra Singh Negi could also owing to the fact that apart from being a great singer, he is also a poet. He has also penned many of the songs that have emanated from his golden throat.

Owing to the crystal like clarity that his voice carries, he has not only performed on the Indian songs, but has sung on several platforms abroad. He is quite popular among the Indians in Australia, US-Canada and the Middle East. One among the few singers to record more than a thousand songs he has also featured as a playback singer in Garhwali movies.

It is also amazing to the vibrant energy that has been propitiating this great singer. His voice somehow seems to deceive his age of 64 years. He was born in the year 1949 in the village of Pauri. It is from the very soils of his native village that he launched his career in music. The love of music and the upholding of the traditional values have been the principal reasons for the amazing popularity of N S Negi even among the Garhwali youth.

Garhwalis or for that matter Uttarachanchalis believe that it is owing to the earnest love for music and the haunting lyrics that NSN has held them captivated.

A true singer and a true literary soldier, he lent his pen and voice for the formation of the new state of Uttaranchal.

Narendra Singh Negi is a permanent resident of Garhwal along with his wife Usha. His two children, Ritu and Kavilas are busy pursuing successful careers.