New Tehri


New Tehri is soon going to be on the itinerary of every Uttarakhand tour programme. This is the planned township being developed to rehabilitate the displaced families from Old Tehri owing to the Tehri Dam.

New Tehri is located at a distance of only 11 kms from Chamba. This therefore becomes easy for the tourists visiting Chamba to visit the New Tehri. The town of New Tehri is not going to be missed by any tourist visiting the Tehri Gahrwal side of the state. This fact can be emphasized with some certainty owing to the magnificent Tehri Dam, one of the biggest dams in Asia.

One of the prime reasons for the added beauty of this town is the generous view of the Tehri Dam, built against the gracious Bhagirathi River. The residual dam water has been used to create an artificial lake. This merely does not complete the beauty of this newly established Tehri Town. The town has been constructed very immaculately and when seen from below presents an imposing and grand view of the entire town.

Satellite Map Of New Tehri

It is true that New Tehri came into being by co-incidence, but it is worth mentioning that is one among the best co -incidences ever to occur in the state. With an opulent view of Mother Nature in full bloom, tourists from across the length and breadth of the country are now exploring the new administrative Headquarters of Tehri Garhwal.

Once a fort city and the capital of the Garhwali Kings for several centuries, majority of the old Tehri town lies at the bottom of the Bhagirathi River. The necessitated decimation of the old town has led to the uprising of the New Tehri, almost like a tribute to the enshrined rulers.

The establishment of the new town on the riverbank along the Tehri Dam brings people visiting the place closer to nature. They can appreciate the beauty of the Tehri valley like never before with some of the logistics that the town can now provide.

With all the scenic and places of tourist importance located in the near vicinity of this town, this can work like a base for the visitors.

The nearest airport for the New Tehri town is the Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun District. With good roads, it is a comfortable taxi or bus ride from Dehradun city.

For people preferring the train, Rishikesh and Kathgodam are the nearest railheads.

There are also new and comfortable buses from Delhi for those who wish to use the bus service.