Pritam Bhartwan


Folk Music is not merely a musical design intended to depict the ancient folklores. It is in fact a revelation of the glorious past and a design to propagate the rich cultural legacy of a province. The various phrases in folk music and the different dance forms are all part of that golden legacy that has been bestowed on the people. The people, who are prevailing therefore, need to carry forward this legacy to the generations ahead.

Several forms of folk and fine arts across the country have been left to die a natural death. This is due to the respective administration not coming forth with the suitable media to portray folk on the right pedestal. Along with many forms of folk in the country, Garhwali folk too have been suffering this Governmental apathy. It is therefore laudable that many young singers have been forthcoming in nurturing the folk songs. They have been the champions who are promoting these folk forms at various societal layers both within the country and abroad.

Among the champions in this league of musicians is the young and talented, Pritam Bhartwan. Pritam has been one among those very few singers gifted with a golden voice. Owing to the cherubic tone in his voice, he landed in the musical limelight at an early age. He came into prominence when he was noticed after a performance at the All India Radio in 1988.

The inherent talents of Pritam can also be attributed to his family background. He belongs to the Beda Community who has been the connoisseurs of folk music and fine arts since generations. Pritam Barthwan was born in the village of Silla of Dehradun district.

The popularity of Garhwali music must actually be given to both the people of Garhwal and rapid advances in Technology. The evolution of the Video Compact Discs from the conventional audio tapes has been instrumental in popularizing the music of Garhwal. Using the media of compact discs, a large number of singers have been able to make their foray into the world of Garhwali music.

The success of Pritam Barthwan, along with his golden voice must also be attributed to the undying love that the people of Garhwal have bestowed on him. Pritam has used the pedestal of the love of the Garhwal hinterland and made significant inroads in the world of music.

He has been successful in launching a total of eighteen cassettes and eight VCDs.